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Keeping of Animals at 350 Hall Ave

Dog left constantly outside in heat or at night to bark non stop. No care for the dog given. Constant noise
CLOSED Complete - 2 days ago #23-00048222

Keeping of Animals at 2662 Richmond St

Chicken/ rooster being kept close to building in a locked enclosure. Its in the rear of this building.
OPENED 4 days ago #23-00048118

Keeping of Animals at 1889 Niagara St

Willistead park off leash dogs endangering children
CLOSED Complete - 9 days ago #23-00039103

Keeping of Animals at 534 Charlotte St

Aggressive large German Shepard got off of lead & lunged at me while working next door. The constant barking is also a noise violation.
OPENED 10 days ago #23-00046999

Keeping of Animals at 3403 Treeline Ct, Windsor, On N8 R 2 K3, Canada

Golden retriever barking for over half hour every single night past 11pm. Sometime 2am or 3am. The bark rings through the whole park all neighbour's can here it. It's left outside barking for way too long in the middle of the night.
CLOSED Complete - 10 days ago #23-00024879

Keeping of Animals at 3238 Daytona Ave

OPENED 15 days ago #23-00045780

Keeping of Animals at 1061 Moy Ave

6 dogs and 6 cats, constantly fighting
OPENED 21 days ago #23-00044662

Keeping of Animals at 5405 Reginald St

Barking dogs
CLOSED Complete - 25 days ago #23-00034519

Keeping of Animals at 905 Villaire Ave

Large angry dog is chewing it's way through fence as people/dogs walk by. Dog has slowly ripped apart fence apart and is now almost able to get through. People walk on the road to avoid dog. Unsure what dog might do if it breaks through...
CLOSED Complete - about 1 month ago #23-00037642

Keeping of Animals at 1868 Factoria Rd

Neighbors dog is one of eight and becoming aggressive towards his dogs and trying to attack mine through the fence even scratching mine
OPENED about 1 month ago #23-00039518

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